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Christmas at 1730

December 16, 2011

This is my first “1730” blog.

Who am I … and who are we? 

1730 Outlet is a home decor and furniture store at 1730 W. Wrightwood Ave., Chicago.  We’re a couple blocks west of Ashland, and just east of Clybourn.  The store is on the east side of the building.  I work on the third floor directly above the store.  The store entrance is barely visible below, all the way at the right edge of the picture. 


This is a very historic Chicago building!  The outer tile and decorative terra cotta that give Chicago’s famous Wrigley Building (seen below) its distinctive glow were manufactured right here. 


Below you’ll see a closeup of tiles under a Wrigley Building window.  This is the kind of work the company that built our building, the Northwestern Terra Cotta Company, did for the likes of architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and Daniel Burnham. There are buildings, both famous and humble, all over town that are festooned with Northwestern terra cotta.


In fact, when you visit our furniture department, you’ll be inside the tunnel kiln where the tiles were fired.  Well, actually, the kiln is gone.  But you can still see the refractory ceiling that kept the intense heat inside the kiln.

But back to the store.  What do we sell there?  The name of the store is one clue … we’re an outlet with all kinds of items at unbelievable savings.

Like all this great Holiday stuff …

So come on down …

You’ll save up to 80%! 

It’s the best place in town for last minute gifts, holiday decorations, and holiday basics like candles and such. 

And be sure to visit our company website for more great gifts and ideas.  Click here.

Stop back here for more posts about Chicago, our neighborhood, our store, our kids, and a few of our favorite things.

Catch you later …


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  1. Margie Gutierrez permalink

    Always enjoy the Chicago history and trivia tidbits out here in Oregon. The only comments we ever seem to hear in our neighborhood is the occasional “how ’bout dem Bears?)!Thank you!

  2. patrice permalink

    Loved reading the blog. It’s a nice addition to what is already an overall wonderful experience – shopping at 1730 & conversing with the great team there.
    Happy New Year.. . You know me as “the lady who likes to buy candles”. 🙂

    • Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the comment! Happy New Year and we’ll see you at 1730 in 2012. Always plenty of candles!

  3. Cathy permalink

    Today when I took down my Christmas decorations (I know, I jumped the gun a bit) I loving wrapped and stored many items purchased over the years from the Tag Outlet. I wish you had a service like they do for old china patterns where you can by replacement pieces because a couple of treasured Tag ornaments slipped off the tree and broke while I was taking everything off.

    When friends and relatives come to visit us from out of town I take them to the Tag Outlet, and when out daughter, who lives in Minneapolis, wanted one of your ladder book shelves we had to enlist the help of a friend to bring it to her because it wouldn’t fit in our car. Another one of our daughters is the happy owner/user of the one of your ladder desks. I could go on and on….

    • Thanks for you kind comments, Cathy. Looking forward to seeing you at 1730 in 2012! Unfortunately, there’s no discontinued ornament service like Replacements Ltd. for dinnerware patterns.

      The same thing actually happened to us. One of our treasured ornaments fell and broke while we were decorating. I received it as a gift for Christmas of 1984. I’m thinking of looking for a replacement on E-Bay. You never know!

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