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1730 and the Bears!

December 23, 2011

First, Happy New Year everyone!

If you’re still shopping, 1730 Outlet is open until 3pm New Year’s Eve (closed New Year’s Day and January 2), with lots of great holiday decorations like these …

… at up to 80% off!  We’re at 1730 W. Wrightwood in Chicago, just east of Clybourn.

But what does this have to do with the Bears??

So I’m driving in the neighborhood here, on one of the streets very near 1730 Outlet, when I see a BIG guy getting out of an SUV parked in front of a BIG house.  He looks very familiar.

When I get home I tell my wife about it, saying, “I think he’s on the Bears but I’m not sure because they wear helmets.”

Three days later my wife is with me as we approach the same house.  “Right up there,” I say, pointing.  “He was standing at the curb right in front of … THERE HE IS AGAIN!”  Sure enough, the big guy, this time wearing a Chicago Bears stocking cap, is stepping out of the same SUV.  He looks up and sees us approaching and probably notices my eyes growing as big as bowling balls and my free hand gesturing wildly (I keep a hand on the wheel and am NOT unduly distracted, I promise), because he smiles slightly.  Then we’re past him.

“Oh my!” says my wife.  “He is totally familiar.  For sure.”

“But which Bear is he?”

“You’re asking me??” she laughs.  “I wouldn’t recognize George Halas if I ran into him.”

“He died a while back.”

“So I guess I won’t run into him.”

The next Sunday we’re watching the Bears.  There’s a shot of the sidelines, and there he is!  Wearing the same Bears stocking cap! 

“That’s him.” says my wife.

“It’s Matt Forte, and we know where he lives!” 

“Like Ted Lilly.”

“He moved to Los Angeles a while back.”

“Oh yeah.”

Back at work on Monday, I tell a fellow employee about it.  He mentions that Cub pitcher (maybe) Carlos Zambrano lives in the neighborhood, too.  And several other Cubs and maybe Sox and other stars.

Cool, huh? … our old, historic terra cotta factory headquarters sitting among so many famous athletes, and maybe other famous people.  A few decades ago the whole neighborhood consisted mainly of factories.  Here’s an arial view from the 1920’s.  Can you spot our building?

Can’t find it?  Let’s zoom in a little …

It’s the building with the water tank on the roof. I’m sitting there now! But these shots (courtesy Chicago History Museum) were taken not long after our building was constructed by the Northwestern Terra Cotta Company.

Today it’s a nice Lincoln Park neighborhood.  Matt Forte’s house’s site is visible above, but I’m not saying where. All I’m saying is look for him next time you head down to 1730 Outlet.  Like today or tomorrow.

You think maybe Matt Forte shops at our Outlet? He might. He could walk here … or run!

(Don’t forget to visit our website.  Click here.)


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