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Green in Dallas

January 25, 2012

Why was I wearing a suit and tie in Dallas?  We NEVER wear suits and ties.

I sat in the lobby of the Anatole Hilton, dwarfed by the huge expanse of a vaulted atrium the size of a hockey arena, wearing my black suit and favorite navy blue tie with the little wobbly gold squares. 

In walked two fellow employees. They wore suits and ties, too. We don’t wear suits well. We looked like three representatives of the “Outfit,” in town for no good reason and up to no good.

Used to be members of the trade wore their Sunday best to the gift and tabletop shows.  New ties every day.  You packed three or more suits, plus an appropriate blazer-slacks combo. Not any more. Trade shows are so casual these days that if you wear a suit and tie folks may think you’re dressing for your own funeral.

But last Saturday evening, we buffed and fluffed and relearned how to tie a tie for a very good reason. tag had been nominated for a manufacturers’ award by an organization called ARTS.  The ARTS Awards, presented each January during the Dallas Gift Market, is the premier awards program for the decorative accessory industry — the Academy Awards of our business… or at least the Golden Globes because we all sat at tables.

Forty-five manufacturers were eligible for the “Green Award,” presented to the company that best demonstrates the innovative use of green/sustainable materials, and green initiatives – best practices actively involved in, including reducing the company’s carbon footprint, and manufacturing and design policies that encourage handcraft skills; maintain local, artisan-based production; and preserve cultural traditions.

So we sat and waited. There were lots of awards presented before it came time for the Green Award. And when tag was named we were speachless! Well, not really. One of our group walked proudly up to the stage and accepted on behalf of everyone at tag.

It was fun to win. It’s great to be acknowledged for our Green products and policies.

Want to see our Green products? Visit our store and you’ll see all kinds of items crafted of renewable materials using eco-friendly production methods.

Or visit our website:

1730 Outlet.  1730 W. Wrightwood, Chicago, 60614.  Mon-Fri 10-6. Saturday 10-5.


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  1. Margie Gutierrez permalink

    I am not surprised you won the award! Congrats to Floyd and associates.

  2. Thanks! We are very pleased that we won.

  3. Jeanne Goss permalink

    Congratulations!!! Fabulous news for tag and team.

  4. C Hofmann permalink

    Congrats to you,FES, and Tag!!!!

  5. Margaret W permalink

    Congratulations! I must stop in at the store next time I am in Chicago!

    • Great! Thanks, Margaret. I expect that will be around April 5??

      • Margaret W permalink

        Now, why would you guess April 5th?????
        Answer is yes, of course!

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