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March 15, 2012

This is not 1730 Outlet …

… in spite of the signs at left. This house belongs to our next door neighbor.

Driving to work the other day I almost ran up on the curb when I saw this just a couple blocks from the office …

What the heck?? I’ve heard of gold as a color choice for a new car, but this … this looked like it was forged at Fort Knox. 

Which got me to thinking about our neighborhood in general. As I’ve written before, I’m pretty sure Bears star Matt Forte lives in the immediate area, at least during football season. And our local Starbucks was frequented by ex-Cub Carlos Zambrano, who now lives in Miami near Ozzie Guillen. New Cubs President Theo Epstein just bought a house about three minutes away (closer to Wrigley Field, but still pretty close to us), and only a block away from Cub pitcher Ryan Dempster (did I ever tell you the story about how we gave Ryan Dempster a ride in Lancaster, PA??).

There are a lot of big houses around here. Whenever we pass one and wonder who lives in it, we instinctively say “ball player.”

So maybe a ball player owns this car??? On second thought, I don’t know. If you’ve ever looked in the Cubs players’ parking lot at the ballpark, you’d know that they drive nice cars (Derek Lee had a creamy white Bentley), but rarely will one drive anything as ostentatious as this number. Mostly they drive black SUVs, which would fit in around here pretty well.

Thus you see that 1730 Outlet is located in a pretty nice neighborhood. And our outlet has everything you could possibly need for your home, and stuff that coordinates with any interior! Or exterior! We even have items that go perfectly with solid gold automobiles …

Gold votive holders! 2 bucks apiece! Not real gold, of course. But then neither is the car.

Stop by and check out what else is golden in the outlet … like our prices. Can’t beat ’em.

1730 W. Wrightwood, Chicago.  773-871-4331.  Mon-Fri 10-6. Sat 10-5.

And check out our very nice website, all dressed up and ready for spring and Easter. 

Speaking of which, it’s like July outside today! 

And who do you think owns that house at the top of the blog? I don’t know. Ball player??


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