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Lights! Camera! Action! 1730 on TV!

April 16, 2012

We got the call one Monday morning. Kira Pertzborn, the producer of HGTV’s Great Rooms TV show starring Chicago’s own Meg Caswell, wanted to film in our 1730 Outlet store!  They would be here at 2:00pm that same day!!

(HGTV Photo)

WHA?  Holey moley!  That doesn’t give us much time to fluff and buff and get ready. Not even time enough to race home for a wardrobe change in case one of us ends up on camera!

But then they called back and delayed the “shoot” until Thursday.  (insert sigh of relief here)

What fun it turned out to be! Kira scoped out our tag furniture room …

… they set up the big lights …

… and then they started shooting, inside the store plus some exteriors …

(Photo by HGTV)

Meg walked 1730’s tag furniture room selecting several items for the makeover of an apartment in Marina City.  (Fun piece of trivia:  Marina City was designed by famous Chicago architect Bertrand Goldberg and his staff headed up by architect and chief draftsman Ben Honda, father of Chicago White Sox, Blackhawks, DePaul, Final Four [and more] P.A. announcer Gene Honda!  One of the construction sub-contractors was your blog writer’s father! Okay … back to Meg and Kira and 1730 Outlet … )

She talked at length with our own Bobby Cassell, who wore his blue suede shoes for the occassion. Meg was so taken with Bobby and his footware that she decided that the working title for the episode would be “Blue Suede Shoes”!

And we don’t blame her. Dig Bobby’s shoes!  And dig the cuffs… !


Here are the items Meg selected for the Marina City apartment, all of appropriately contemporary design, in the spirit of another great Chicago architect, the late Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, head of the “Chicago Bauhaus” at the Illinois Institute of Technology on the South Side.

This first item, tag furniture‘s Manhattan shelving unit, even looks like a Mies skyscraper — like the Seagram Building in, appropriately, Manhattan!


The next item was our Gramercy end table …

The final two items were tag furniture‘s Archer red table and Elston brown counter stool (how are those for a couple of good Chicago street names — both diagonals that cut across the city?  Do you know why those streets are there? I’ll save that bit of Chicago geological history for another day.).

Doesn’t the center spindle support remind you a little of Marina City???

And here’s the Brown Elston counter stool …

Nice choices!

At the end of the shoot Meg posed with our store staff and said a fond farewell. 

But we’ll see her on HGTV soon! Her second season starts May 5 (check local listings), and the episode starring Bobby and our tag furniture room is scheduled for July 14.

Hooray for Hollywood!  Or at least 1730 Wrightwood!

1730 Outlet.  1730 W. Wrightwood, Chicago.  Mon-Fri 10-6.  Sat 10-5. 773-871-4331.

And don’t forget to visit our website:  Lots more great home products!


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  1. Jeanne permalink

    Cool post! Congrats on the exposure… and Blog Writer… I was actually underneath the Marina Towers during their building with that sub-contractor, his wife and daughter… that would be your father, mother and two little sisters!!!

    • I was under there during construction, too! I recall it being all torn up with lots of cement mixers coming and going underneath the streets.

      • Jeanne permalink

        I’ll never forget it…. way cool! We were there on a Sunday, so it was pretty quite.

  2. Jeanne permalink

    quiet I mean

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