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More lights! More TV! More action!

May 11, 2012

Son of Blogger and Wife of Son of Blogger have a beautiful new addition to their family!  Here she is …

How shameless am I for posting that photo? How can I resist? She’s so beautiful!  But what does she have to do with 1730 Outlet and tag?  Well …

Son of Blogger was stranded with Granddaughter of Blogger because Wife of Son of Blogger (and Mother of Granddaughter of Blogger) had to go to school.  Got that?

Anyway, Son of Blogger craved pâté.  Now, most people think that expectant mothers have strange cravings, not fathers of newborns. Most people would be mistaken!

As a dutiful grandfather I thought it best to buy the pâté to help get Son of Blogger through the sleepless nights (baby was born three weeks ago) and so hopped in the car and headed up to … where else? … City Provisions ( on Wilson between Wolcott and Ravenswood. They not only have the best pâté, but the best of everything deli, including meats and cheeses and breads and wine and spirits and beer and … THE WORLD’S BEST HAM SANDWICH. I timed my trip up there around lunch so I would just HAVE TO have one of those ham sandwiches.

I parked on Wolcott. The wind must have been out of the east because when I stepped out of the car the aroma of the most delicious foods imagineable enveloped me and pulled me around the corner and to City Provisions’ entrance. And whom do I see sitting at a table chatting away under the hot lights of yet another TV crew? It was our friend Cleetus Friedman, chef and owner of City Provisions, with Brittney Payton (Walter’s daughter) of Chicago’s Best TV show.

(Photo by CLTV)

And Cleetus was wearing a tag apron — the kind you can find at 1730 Outlet!  Or at  In fact, this is Cleetus’ apron …

You can buy it here:

Here’s Cleetus in his apron helping a customer in his store.

The episode is scheduled to air June 6 on WGN (check local listings). Cleetus tells me he plugged tag on the air!  Cool!  Let’s see if we make the cut or end up on the virtual cutting room floor. They let me wander around the store ordering things as they filmed, so maybe your humble blogger will make it into the episode somewhere in the background! That is if I don’t end up on the same virtual floor.

My ham sandwich was to die for.  So was the pâté, and the hummus, and the bottle of Vinejoy wine, and …


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