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speaking words of wine wisdom, let it breathe!

September 24, 2012

tag‘s VIVA Scandinavia aerator and decanter have been receiving great independent reviews lately!  Which is fabulous because you should know that you don’t have to pay $30, $40, or $50 for an effective aerator. You can get both the VIVA aerator and the very stylish “wine” decanter for the price of many aerators alone.

And the system WORKSCheck out a review here (scroll down a bit because the VIVA review is within a wine review)!  And another one here!

The funnel aerator alone at $12.95 is perhaps the best value on the market, especially if you’ve been thinking about buying an aerator but have been put off by the cost. I just told my sister about it and she’s MAD at me because she just went out and spent over $40 on an aerator alone at a department store that will remain nameless. I could have saved her over $25 if I had spoken sooner. Oh well. Have to make it up to her with … let me think about it … maybe a bottle of wine, distributed by Vinejoy.

Here’s what the aerator and decanter look like, shown with our “cheers” stemless wine glasses, also designed by VIVA Scandinavia …

I use one at home every time I open a bottle of wine. Just last night I opened a French red, not expensive, and poured my wife a taste. She frowned and said, “Tastes a little rough.”

“Sorry!” I said. “I forgot to decant!” I went to the pantry and fetched our tag VIVA funnel aerator and let the wine “breathe,” aerating it completely.

“Nice!” said my wife after tasting the aerated wine.  “Very nice.”

This is a true story!

Where can you find tag‘s VIVA Scandinavia wine products?  Click here for a list of retailers in the Chicago area.

Or you can find tag’s VIVA Scandinavia products at – just type “viva” in the search window.


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  1. Jeanne permalink

    I’ll take a bottle of wine from Vinejoy!!!

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