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Downsizing Halloween … a “Real Simple” Solution.

October 24, 2012

We used to live in a house in a neighborhood of houses. Lots of cute little kids came by every Halloween. But since our own children have long since grown up and moved away, we’ve downsized to an apartment in a small, three-unit building.  Now the only kids who stop by are the two little boys who live in the apartment above us.

The first year we lived in our new digs we bought lots of candy and carved pumpkins and did the whole Halloween thing.  We LOVE Halloween and enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes, and looked forward to plopping lots of candy bars in trick-or-trick bags and plastic pumpkins, same as ever. But we forgot that most kids don’t do apartment buildings. We ended up with a rather smelly hallway and a ton of candy in our fridge that we saved for Christmas stockings!

What to do?  Can’t stink up the hallway anymore. But we still want to have something for those two expectant guys upstairs. Here’s the solution:

We buy a pumpkin, actually a fake pumpkin, a put it in this cute spider pumpkin stand from tag.  We have a second stand for the candy …

We set the pumpkin on a kitchen chair just outside our door so the boys will know we’re open for trick-or-treating as they race down the hallway stairs on their way out to the street in their costumes (always fun and cute!). We put the candy on a second chair just inside the door. When they arrive we give half the bowl to one boy and the other half to his brother! Done for the night!

It’s a fun solution and it’s real simple.  In fact, Real Simple thinks so, too, and so featured the tag stand on their website! 

Click here to go to the Real Simple page:

The result?  Those two boys always make sure they knock on our door on Halloween! Their parents?  They’re cool about it. The boys’ treat bags get fuller faster and they can come back home earlier!

It’s getting close to Halloween but you can still find spider pumpkin stands, and lots more Halloween stuff, at

1730 Outlet, 1730 W. Wrightwood, Chicago (just east of Clybourn), Monday through Saturday 9:00 to 5:00.  773-871-4331.

Or click here for a list of Chicago retailers. Call first because the stand is very popular and may be sold out (this happened in New York!!).

If you’re beyond Halloween and already thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, check out the new holiday assortment at  They still have Halloween available, too!  Just type “halloween” in the search window. But you must order your Halloween items from by Friday morning, October 26.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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